Sestao Berri acts as a one-stop shop for the ASAP Programme (Safe Rental Reasonable Price) of the Basque Government.
    Sestao Berri is a company 50% owned by the Department of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government and 50% owned by the Town Council of Sestao. European projects.
  • 150 HOMES
    Sestao has 150 social rental homes. The average rent is 80 Euros.
    Sestao Berri was established in 2005 to be the tool to coordinate the urban regeneration of Sestao.


The ASAP Program (Alokairu Segurua, Arrazoizko Prezioa) has as its main objective to facilitate that empty dwellings of private ownership will be incorporated into the market for the leasing at an affordable price to persons lessee.